It's time to Price with Clarity and Confidence

Price based on the value you bring to your clients and thrive.

Ready to break free of being underpaid, over-worked, or overwhelmed? 

introducing pricing based on your work's worth

Confidently charge more, earn more and live the life you want

Charge More, Earn More: A 1% improvement in price, assuming no loss of volume, increases operating profit by 11.1% (Harvard Business Review September – October 1992).

Are you ready? Here’s how we can work together…

OWN your Pricing program

Own your pricing strategy with our comprehensive one-on-one program where we work with you to confidently explain to yourself and your clients, the value of your work and why you price the way you do.

We will work with you to provide confidence in your business viability by ensuring your income is in balance with your costs and your time.

We also work with you to ensure that your pricing is not set and forget and that your pricing grows when you grow.

investment: $3,600 AUD

or (initial deposit of $360 then $540 x 6 Payments)

Pricing CLARITY program

Get focussed on clarity and confidence in quoting your pricing, ensuring that it’s well considered and not about you as an individual, but rather the work that you do.

See your impact (to your client) written down in words and numbers. Numbers that won’t change if you are having a bad day.

So that even your pricing can uplift you.

investment: $2,400 AUD

or (initial deposit of $240 then $540 x 4 Payments)

Pick My Pricing Brain

Need something short and sharp to help you gain some quick pricing wins?

Tap into Anna Lamb’s over 20 years pricing experience and get pricing advice specifically tailored to your business.

investment: $850 AUD

we're on a mission to empower women

to get paid on the value of their work


If you’re interested in working together, click the button below to book a 30-minute free discovery call.


We’ll have a call to discuss your business and which program will be most suitable for you. I’ll provide you with a detailed proposal within 2 business days, inviting feedback and questions.


Once you sign and pay you deposit, we lock in our first session date, and we will send you pre-work questionnaire to be completed 2 days prior to our first session.

The first session kicks off your journey to earn based on the value you provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s great that you have priced your offerings, we aim to help you if you have that feeling in the back of your mind, that you are under-priced or not sure that you are priced ‘right’. By the way, there is no right price, just the right price for you.

These programs are a “DO IT WITH YOU” collaborative process where we are working together to find the optimal price for you. If you can fully invest your time and energy in the process, this leads to the best possible outcomes.

The best thing to do is to start with the Focus on Clarity service or the Pick My Brain service which will clarify how prices can be based on value that you bring to your clients and not based on time, self-worth, competitors or what you think your clients can pay.

Online or face to face if you are based in Sydney.

We will send you pre-work 2 weeks prior to our first session and we require you to send through the completed work 2 days prior to the first session.

We suggest you set aside 1 hour prior to each session to complete the pre-work to get the most out of the program.

But, remember the practical exercises would be part of your pricing activities and of running your business.

Let’s work together!

Are you ready to earn your work’s worth?

Get confident in quoting your price, knowing it’s been well considered and not about you as an individual, but rather the work.

Book a call and let’s have a chat about all things pricing and find out the best way I can help you.