Hello, I’m Anna lamb

I empower women to get paid on the value of their work by drawing on their own strength and knowledge

Think you are underpriced?

If you want to get paid what you’re worth, you’re in the right place.

Did you know that I’m an MBA qualified book lover and traveller who has been helping large to medium businesses price for over 20 years?

I’ve seen females including myself undervalue themselves, impacting their self-confidence and feeling resentful, I resolved to work on myself and help others to truly step into their work’s worth.

I founded UPLIFTING VALUE to help female-led businesses price based on the value of their work so that they can continue to create profit, impact, and growth.

Uplifting Value's vision is to become the go-to advisor for pricing

Where pricing knowledge empowers and uplifts

brand values



We believe female-led business owners can strive for profitability on your own terms by recognising the value of their work in both story and numbers.

Once you build the story and the numbers, the numbers won’t change when you are having a bad day and you’re trying to convince yourself it’s time to stop.


Empowered Learning

Work with you by providing tools, an opportunity to talk through barriers/blockers, and accountability so you can do it yourself.



Achieve profitability so you can continue to impact others and ensure that as you grow, your prices grow with you

we're on a mission to empower women

to get paid on the value of their work


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Once you sign and pay you deposit, we lock in our first session date, and we will send you pre-work questionnaire to be completed 2 days prior to our first session.

The first session kicks off your journey to earn based on the value you provide.

Hi, I'm Anna Lamb

I'm a pricing expert who uplifts

I’ve spent over 20 years pricing for diverse brands such as Lenovo, Harper Collins Publishers, AAT Kings (Travel Corporation), NCR and more.

During this time, I saw individuals (especially females) undervalue themselves, impacting their self-confidence and feeling resentful. I resolved to work on myself and help others truly step into their work’s worth.

To do this, I asked myself, what if I could translate my pricing skills to mentor business owners? I wanted to help them focus on the value they bring to clients and achieve financial independence in an uplifting way.

That uplifting way was inspired by my experience heading back from Everest Base Camp. I was depleted and tired. I remembered vividly placing one hiking boot in front of the other to reach Namche Bazaar and civilisation. I was supported by a guide and a fellow injured tour member who cheered me on.

In the same way, I believe that female business owners have the strength and knowledge to know what’s required for their prices and in turn – for their business to thrive.

Let’s work together!

Are you ready to earn your work’s worth?

Get confident in quoting your price, knowing it’s been well considered and not about you as an individual, but rather the work.

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