Why Uplifting Value?

Learn why our founder Anna Lamb created Uplifting Value.

Uplifting Value; what it means to me and what I hope will mean to you.

That memory was what inspired me to shape Uplifting Value to what it is now and what keeps me going along my own business journey.

Let me start with a memory; I was on my way back from Everest Base Camp and not in a good way, sick, depleted, and tired. I remembered vividly placing one hiking boot in front of the other, taking one step at a time to reach Namche Bazaar and civilisation. I was supported by a guide and a fellow injured tour member who cheered me on along the way.

That memory was what inspired me to shape Uplifting Value to what it is now and what keeps me going along my own business journey. At the start, I asked myself, what if I could translate my pricing skills of over 20 years to mentor female-led businesses to price their work’s worth and in turn achieve financial independence in an uplifting and supportive way.

That has always been my vision for Uplifting Value. I’ve been reminded of this recently and realised that I have never fully shared it out into the world. I have now.

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This final piece of our three-part series on ‘Know Like and Trust’ in pricing focuses on “TRUST”. Transparent pricing fosters trust, avoiding surprises at checkout. Inspired by Brené Brown’s BRAVING concept, it suggests self-reflection to ensure trustworthiness in pricing—covering boundaries, reliability, accountability, and generosity—essential for customers to trust your services.


The blog post discusses the ‘Like’ aspect of the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ approach in business, particularly pricing. It highlights that business owners often intertwine pricing with self-worth. The writer suggests a perspective shift to the customer’s viewpoint, emphasizing that understanding client problems and providing solutions enhances client satisfaction and, in turn, they may like or even love your service.

Know Like Trust (KLT); the KNOW in Pricing

This blog post explores the ‘Know’ phase of the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ pricing methodology. It discusses the pros and cons of displaying pricing on your website, highlighting the importance of alignment with your brand, understanding customer preferences, saving time, and influencing customer choices. The post also suggests displaying a price range or ‘from’ price for bespoke projects to facilitate value-based conversations.

all the ways we can work together

Are you ready to earn your work’s worth?

OWN your Pricing program

Own your pricing strategy with our comprehensive one-on-one program where we work with you to confidently explain to yourself and your clients, the value of your work and why you price the way you do.

We will work with you to provide confidence in your business viability by ensuring your income is in balance with your costs and your time.

We work with you to ensure that your pricing is not set and forget and that your pricing grows when you grow.

Pricing CLARITY program

Get focussed on clarity and confidence in quoting your pricing, ensuring that it’s well considered and not about you as an individual, but rather the work that you do.

See your impact (to your client) written down in words and numbers. Numbers that won’t change if you are having a bad day.

So that even your pricing can uplift you.

Pick My Pricing Brain

Need something short and sharp to help you gain some quick pricing wins?

Tap into Anna Lamb’s over 20 years pricing experience and get pricing advice specifically tailored to your business.