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Read from Anna Lamb our pricing specialist on all things pricing and uplifting.

Value-based pricing and the Matildas

Uplifting Value’s Pricing Specialist Anna Lamb outlines how value-based pricing and data and story can play a role in addressing the pay and funding gap for the Matildas, the Australian Women’s Soccer team.

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OWN your pricing program

Own your pricing strategy with our comprehensive one-on-one program where we work with you to confidently explain to yourself and your clients, the value of your work and why you price the way you do.

We work with you to provide confidence in your business viability by ensuring your income is in balance with your costs and your time.

We work also with you to ensure that your pricing is not set and forget and that your pricing grows when you grow.

pricing clarity program

Get focussed on clarity and confidence in quoting your pricing, ensuring that it’s well considered and not about you as an individual, but rather the work that you do.

See your impact (to your client) written down in words and numbers. Numbers that won’t change if you are having a bad day. So that even your pricing can uplift you.

pick my pricing brain

Need something short and sharp to help you gain some quick pricing wins?

Tap into Anna Lamb’s over 20 years pricing experience and get pricing advice specifically tailored to your business.